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About Us

Royal Atlantic Holdings is a newly formed entity that consolidated a number of corporations under one umbrella with the objective of better serving our global client base. The synergies between the different partner companies and principals are utilized to advance the shared core value of improving as many lives as possible- either directly through improved agricultural practices or indirectly through improved human nutrition.



Live Export

Royal Atlantic Holdings is committed to understanding the needs of each individual customer and then sourcing and..


Supplying Herds

In order to secure breeding females with accurate pedigree information and consistent vaccination and health status…



To guarantee best-practices related to animal welfare and absolute compliance with USDA, European Union and…


Royal Atlantic Holdings has access to a modern fleet of livestock vessels and can accommodate smaller 1,000 head shipments of breeding cattle from North America and Europe and also larger 10,000 and 20,000 head shipments of feeder bulls from Latin America.

In addition to the experienced crews on board, Royal ensures quality delivery of all loaded stock by utilizing professional stock man and veterinarians throughout the voyage and delivery process.

Please feel free to contact us concerning the availability of vessel space for voyages originating in North America atshipping@royalatlantic.us