Genomically Tested Females

Royal Atlantic has the distinction of delivering one of the highest genomic herds in the world to Turkey in 2015 with over 1,500 U.S. Holsteins females delivered safely to Uluova Farms and genomically evaluated by Zoetis and found to be exceeding +1,900 GTPI. The success of the project has been seen during the initial 12 months of production with management benchmarks for production, reproduction efficiency, somatic cell score, calf survivability, et al. matching top international herds and first generation calves being born that exceed +2,500 GTPI.
The DNA-based genomic tools available today allow Royal Atlantic to guarantee pedigree information and genetic potential of the offerings made unlike the limited method of phenotypical selections made in the past. Additionally, such science-based genetic values that can be quantified allow our customers to make informed decisions with regards to the level of investment made in superior genetics.